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About Us

Greenectra is founded and led by Dr. Frank Richter, a battery expert with extensive experience within the maritime (Siemens AS) and the automotive battery system development industry (AKKA DNO GmbH, mainly Volkswagen).


Greenectra simplifies, creates, and leverages the better understanding, implementation, and application of Li-ion Batteries. We build bridges of understanding, addressing the challenges in complex battery development projects, in which engineers of different specializations (electrical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering) often communicate suboptimally.


Greenectra strives to create sustainable impacts across the globe by providing top-quality education and becoming one of the most outstanding leaders in e-mobility and battery coaching.

Greenectra coaching is built on a strong scientific background, openly addressing the challenges as well as clarifying the common prejudices about e-mobility and Li-ion battery technology.

Dr. Frank Richter

Dr. Richter holds a Ph.D. in chemistry (NTNU Trondheim/Norway) and had prior studies in Measurement- and Process-Technology (B. Eng.) and Nanotechnology (M. Eng.). 

He has good anticipation of which questions students of other technical disciplines may ask when getting in touch with Battery Technology as a part of Electro Chemistry.

After university, he had several years of experience in maritime and automotive battery system development.



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