About Us

About Us

Greenectra is founded and led by Dr. Frank Richter, a battery expert with extensive experience in maritime and automotive battery system development. Throughout Dr. Richter’s career, he found his specialty in providing high-quality coaching in the field of E-mobility and Li-ion battery Technology. This specialization stemmed from a deep passion for vehicle electrification as a method to reduce global CO2 emissions. With this goal in mind, Dr. Richter is actively dedicated to sharing his comprehensive knowledge of battery technology integration and battery system development to enhance overall battery technologies that can help reduce global CO2 emissions.

At Greenectra, our team of battery professionals and project management experts collaborate to develop and deliver top-tier battery training courses. These same professionals also leverage their expertise to provide consulting that solves your most pressing challenges.

Our focus lies not only in providing solutions to your challenges today but also in equipping your team with the knowledge to create future solutions in-house.


To build a community of people who are equipped with battery expertise in order to effectively develop the battery industry. We aim our services at building bridges of understanding within cross-discipline battery innovation teams. This understanding enhances communication to drive novel solutions for complex battery development projects.


Greenectra strives to create sustainable impacts across the globe by providing top-quality education within the battery industry. With this vision, we remain an industry leader in e-mobility and battery coaching.

Our training programs are all based on a strong scientific background, openly addressing the challenges, and clarifying common concerns with e-mobility and Li-ion battery technology.

Why us?

Dr. Richter and the team are sincerely concerned about the current global environmental issues. We’ve noticed the impact of these environmental issues on the quality of our lives with rising air pollution and increasing natural disasters. So, we aim to use our expertise for educating and creating awareness about the importance of adopting new clean technologies with e-mobility and Li-ion battery applications. By training, consulting, and recruiting within the battery industry, we hope to help create the next generation of battery innovators.


Batteries play essential roles in our everyday life. From providing the initial power needed to start vehicle engines, to acting as a backup source of electricity in telecommunications, public transportation, and medical procedures, batteries have permeated into almost every aspect of our lives.

Adopting and using batteries in industrial processes can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental issues we face today. To keep up with mounting environmental demands from both regulations and consumers, industries are beginning to implement the usage of batteries in new ways that help reduce environmental impacts.

As the EV industry rapidly develops, we began seeing regular requests to address specific training goals and knowledge gaps within companies in a wide variety of industries. With these requests in mind, we created our flexible coaching program. This program lets you tailor the training your organization receives to your specific needs based on your current stage in a battery development project.