About Us

Greenectra is founded and led by Dr. Frank Richter, a battery expert with extensive experience within the maritime and automotive battery system development. Dr. Richter’s professionalism is in providing high-quality coaching in the field of E-mobility and Li-ion battery Technology. His passion lies in vehicle electrification as a method to reduce global CO2 emissions. Therefore, he is actively dedicated to sharing his comprehensive knowledge on battery technology integration and battery system development.

In Greenectra, our team of battery professionals and project management experts works together collectively and coherently to develop and deliver high-quality learning materials as well as ensuring excellence in our consultancy.

Our focus lies not only in providing solutions but also in equipping our clients with the knowledge to establish any future solutions in-house.

Why are we teaching about Li-ion batteries? Why did we found Greenectra?

Dr. Richter and the team are sincerely concerned about the current global environmental issues that have given us many severe negative impacts on the quality of living, pollutions, and natural disasters. Therefore, with our expertise, we aim to educate and create awareness to as many people as possible in seeing the importance of adopting new clean technologies through e-mobility and Li-ion battery applications.

Batteries play numerous essential roles in our everyday life, from providing the initial power needed to start vehicle engines, to acting as a backup source of electricity in telecommunications, public transportation, and medical procedures.

Battery usages and adoptions play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emission, which is causing numerous environmental issues, pollution, and disasters. Many industries have therefore implemented the usage of batteries in various fields.

As the EV industry rapidly develops, we found ourselves being asked to address specific training goals and knowledge gaps within companies. For this very reason, we created our flexible coaching program, which can be tailored to the needs of the individual company at different stages of a battery development project.

We offer our courses as inhouse courses and as open courses, which personnel of different companies can attend.

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